Wednesday, September 26, 2007

07/ Burma stands alone again

Burma's military rulers
Sudan's general
are you watching?
the people are in the streets
protesting for their freedom

Burma's military rulers
have massacred the demonstrators before
and crushed the so called democracy
they tried to scare the Burmese
to make them like the Sudanese

the people are in the street
they need you and I
they do not need your money
or your comfortable life
stand with them

Burma's military rulers
you are the ruler
you think the cooler
for now
think of Buddha

Buddha was a prince
Buddha is the prince of this time
meditation for free
there is a collective who want to be free
what are we going to do?

lovers of free world
peaceful people
peace makers
revolutionary ones
I am calling on you

help them to set their queen free
it is Karma
are you listening
we are coming for you
it is Karma Jah man say
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