Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ras Babi calling on King Piye

The land is the same
the river is getting smaller....
in your land
humanity is absent
they did not give us a break

king Piye
they kill the innocents
they say
nothing strange had happened
in your land
we dream to be free
we are slaves again

they come
some stay
some go
we have been here
millions of years
same identity

the river....
it is still running
the men of this Sudan
are paralyzed
they are not thirsty
for the justice like you
a few of us remember you
you know what?
they say
we have been here
just for hundreds years
some time I laugh
most of the time I cry
I have no gun
I do not believe in them

tell me
wise one
gentle being
are you crying?
like me.
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