Monday, March 10, 2008

25.05.08 is Africa day/Sudan and the broken unity

soon we will celebrate our mother day, soon we will gather together with our drums, and sing with one voice:
Hello mama...
How do you do Africa....
tell me mama..
why they do not listen to Garvey call?
to the lion
king of king....
our drumming will go on and on
them news say....
make border between north and south
shame on you guys
Africa needs her head
her chest
her stomach
and her legs
we know
lines are created to separate us
not longtime ago...
they wounded mum in the congress of Berlin
they divided us and said
at that time Africa needs the C3
Northern Sudan....
Southern Sudan....
Western Sudan....
Eastern Sudan....
and Khartoum....
this is the plan of the leaders of the land
let me call on them again
shame on you
Africa is one
how can Sudan be more than one?
the people are one
the land is one
the river crosses it
soon mum
soon come
I have my drum for your day
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