Saturday, March 01, 2008

Darfur and the Sudanese shame

What does it mean?
ask a Sudanese and he will give you a lecture about it, we do really have big mouths, blah, blah, and blah, talk and talk and never stop, politics, religion, these are our themes guys, we know everything about politics, not just that, a lot of Sudanese think this stuff is made for them....
religion...., oh my God..., save the new generation from the false Messiahs and saviors of Sudan....
in Sudan we do not have a direct line with our Creator..., you need a holy man to do it instead of you..., they advice in wars affairs , business, illness, and in marriage, those holy men of Sudan have the Holiness planted in their DNA, they pass it from son to the father....
what does it mean, again?
we are not that special as we think, the truth is that; we are rubbish, we do not accept criticism..., we kill the braves and full our prisons with teachers....
we do not cook our food
we do not wash our clothes
we do not like to sweat
and we do not choose
who we love
always someone else
someone else will solve it for us
even in the heaven
someone will advocate us
someone will free us from al-Bashir
someone is lying about Darfur
wake up my people
Darfur is our shame
why do not we resist?
do it for the first time
I love my homeland
I miss my ancient past
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