Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Women's day ....,and my black magic woman of Darfur

Women have a day
mothers have a day
some day will be your day
my black magic woman of Darfur
you gave me love
learned me how to struggle
in the battle we fight the same beast
same lord of war
is the enemy of the seed underneath your feet

woman if you know how much I love you
hate them because of you
no taste in my tea
no rest in my bed
I am getting sick in my head

black magic woman of Darfur
original lover of the land
my African mother
I know why they rapped you
I feel the pain they caused you
those men have a complex
they do not know their fathers
you see them blacks
but their hearts are not for this land
for give them if you can
we have been rapped through history
some women throw themselves in the rivers
the ones who lived are the mothers of those
how come black skin speaks in different tongue?
forgive them mother
one day
al-Bashir will know
China is his sister...
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