Monday, March 03, 2008

you lied to me...

so sweet and nice
you were beautifull....
when I saw your face for the first time
I saw home
my mother
and my sister

I covered your body with colours
we smoked till dawn
and we romanced one an other
the other day we were happy
we worked the land together
and we started to dream...
tomorrow will be green
we whispered in our hearts

too bad and negative
what was it all about?
I was not that young
why did not i understand?
someone can not love without drama....
relations of pain
I have learned

Imagine me giving you...
the love I save
the fire I hide

you are like the others
you are like my homeland
like Sudan
I thought you are special
you lied to me
what forced you?
you love me
you lie....

when you showed me your real face
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