Saturday, April 26, 2008

Are you Isis?

I was born there
beside the dark river
where you there?
are you the same one?
people say
I and I and I
is a crazy one
do you understand?
who are you?
I can not see you
I can not touch you
I can not...
Are you Isis?
Are you that one..., who..?
then I stopped
Kemet is too far
I do not believe it
did you come from there?
and you know how
I love you
little creature
you are giving me a great support
How a man can love a Genie woman?
How a Genie woman can love a human?
Power to the people
She wrote it
She painted it on the wall…
She said
I heard your call
I heard you shouting for support
I knew of the plot
My father has many powerful humans
As friends
She said
I am not like your women
I do not have a sexy body
I do have feelings
I feel your pain
That is why I came
To make you company
How a man can love someone like me?
You tell me
Do you need to sleep?
Do you need to eat?
Do you need a land to love?
Do you understand?
I asked her
She answered me
No one is like me
I know the meaning of your words
I hear the voices you hear
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