Monday, April 07, 2008

A message to the most powerful man

Time has come

We have seen the beast

The devil dressed in a man

With a smile on his face

He is a handsome man



How to speak

How many fake messiahs can you count?

How many heroes have you watched?

Is not it the time for the great work?

Stop saying…

The system is wrong

We are the system all of the time

Something is wrong

With our ways

Corporations and people

Masters and slaves

We keep dancing to the melodies

That makes us laugh

That makes us cry

That feed us

And love us

We are addict to the system

That manipulates us

A love story

Between us and the bad

If we leave the bad

Our life will become sad

They lie to us

Time has come

To say no

Not in my name

Stop your game

Not again

In my name

You have killed

You have destroyed

You have tortured

And you keep saying

Your are doing it

For my security

Plastic and boxes

Iron and tar

A fake light

Traveling through

The darkness

Time has come

To see

What is in the dark

Endless light waiting for us

we are full of power


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