Thursday, April 24, 2008

a play/Shammasa/children of the sun the real Freemasons

...a voice in the dark
I have to say it
the time said
say it
do not be afraid
where are you?
we need you
they need you
I have to tell them
somehow I will tell them
niggers will sell niggers to niggers
for some stones
this time has come
the blacks of the system
must be brave
the slaves must unite
to write their history
1 and 2 meet; they greet...
one: Hi...
one:same land
two:I think so
one:ancient land
two:I believe so
one: my name is Ham
two: my name is Sam
(they hug)
one: you won
two: why?
one: ask me how...
two: how?
( an old woman appears, she calls on they;)
an old woman: kids...
come and sit
I have things to share with you...
one: kids
two: kids
one: is she talking to us?
two: she is pointing at us
an old woman: yes, you....
I am talking to you, Ha Ha..., do you understand?
one and two: yes, we do, old lady
an old woman: then come and sit, near to me hear under this Baobab tree
one and two: Baobab three!!! what is that?
(darkness, the three of them stay still, then; a voice starts to sing:)
a voice: every time...
every time
they are lying to you
I hear them here
I hear them there
up and down
all over you

it is you
I am talking to you
check your system
it is all
up to you
if you have done it
do it again
it is a gain
your system
is an important part with you
every time
every time
(then; light comes in the place, seconds of silence fall over, an then; we see three shadows sitting in form of a triangle, she is talking, and they listen)
an old woman: Shammasa...
the river has a liver
they still say
people say
Shammasa are soul rebels
they do not fight flesh fight
they fight
the vampires and the beasts
by spreading peace
Shammasa children of light
hate to fight
I am your daughter
your sons and daughters
I was born in this time
they call it time of conspiracies and plots...
in Khartoum the new city on the side of the ancient river
I have seen worried and crying Isis crying
one and two: then; you are Khamet
an old woman: maybe; I am Kemet..., wait kids; and listen, to my things...
[darkness again, their three shadows became part of it, and her voice too stopped, then different voices:]
A: niggers for sale, I have thousands of them, I brought to the market some of them, I am a nigger, who is looking for a nigger to sell him niggers for stones...
B: I need two of them, they must be handsome, and better strong
A: have a look here, you find what you deserve, two beautiful slaves for a nigger like you...
B: did you just called me a nigger?
A: I mean strong and handsome as my goods, sir..., it is a compliment....
B: I know what you mean, anyway; how much you want for the two of them...
A: the two of them have names..., the tall and dark is Ham, the brown one his name is Sam, you can by them for the price you want, with one condition; they must keep their names
B: that is a good deal, nigger...
A: I know nigger, how much you want to pay for both?
B: I give you 19 stones
A: done; give me the stones and take your new slaves, they will teach you, music, magic and how mystic is the earth...
B: open your hands..., three white stones, seven black stones, two red ones, and seven green...
A: good man
B: good man
(they go, then light comes)

the story did not finish, yet...?
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