Thursday, April 10, 2008

She said...China and Torture/less sugar

Listen to me
China is not the main problem
China is full of productions
China does not force us to buy
we love China
do not go fast...
I teach you some wisdom

all the beauty in the garden is fake
it is made out of pain
torture is the secret behind
the flowers are fed human tears
the water is blood without colour
the bees drink human juice
underneath the green
many innocents lay
did you hear of the birds?
in the garden
the birds eat eyes

how do you feel?
lay down beside me
if you are scared
you can hold my hands
you have been knocking
for so long time
try to sleep a bit
eat different fruits
drink a lot of water
less sugar
China is like sugar
sweet and dangerous
.... ... ....
she said it
I slept in her arms.
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