Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Babylon and her dying uncle/Milton Friedman and the people...


Do not lie

Who is Babylon?

Where is she now?

Babylon came to existence

After the Boom...

Babylon’s uncle in his bed

Waiting for death

He cannot move his legs

He is too old to walk or roll

He says to Babylon




Let me say it

In just two words


And disasters

Must be exploit

No good in reconstructions

It is time to build new stuffs

Give them some cash

Let them

Forget about their lands

Use the opportunity in your hands

Act quickly

It is a free- market ideology

Before they wake up

Babylon said to her uncle

Done uncle

As fast as your gun

Rest in peace


I will have a talk with Iblis

We do need a new administration


How much I love you

You created the best situation

you are my only father now

are you really going to die?

tell me when?


He said to her
Oh my dear
That is my top secret
It is time for actions
Not emotions
Go talk to Iblis now
She leaves
Giving him a kiss

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