Saturday, May 17, 2008

A message to Babylon


I say no

My dear and greetings

It is just a message to you

You will read it

I know you will read it

You read

What I and I and I write

Your lover master of the mal

Lucifer is

A man

Is a man

I understand


My mom is a woman

My lover is a woman

Some how a part of me is a woman

Ying and yang

You understand

The wars

The disasters

And the diseases

Oh Babylon

Come out of me

I neglect you

The greed

The anger

And the sickness of the heart

Oh Babylon

My temple is holy

A soul rebel


Sending a message to you

Is an other way


I and I and I

Teach them

Chant on you

I know you are my real enemy

You are not that far away

You are in me

We give you the reason to exist

You are nothing without us

You are our collective ego

I know

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