Thursday, June 05, 2008

The whole government of general al-bashir will soon look for refuge in an Arab country

Mr. Luis Moreno-Ocampo told Sudan Tribute today;“We were getting ready to divert his(Haroun ), plane and force it to land and arrest him”I will say to him and to many others; we the Sudanese we feel pain, shame and sadness, for what they have done in our name, general al-bashir and his men, the end of those men is coming soon.
since end of June1989
In name of God
with help of al-Turabi and his militia
our Sudanese Army
are committing atrocities
who listen?
who feel the pain?
the civilised world
is feeling uncomfortable with them
telling the public opinion of some
of what they have done
those men are part of global beasts
that feed of the blood of the people
not anymore for our beast
the truth is out
we are in
i do sound hopeful, i have to, this injustice and careless towards the majority of the inhabitants of this planet earth can not go on for so long, i do feel the people and the coming wave, I am not like others, I do not advocate hate or violence, my life is for love and peace, and this is not a joke, if you want to see it happening now, do not deal with them as if they are our representatives, they are not...
it has been for so long
change is coming
peace and love
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