Friday, November 14, 2008

I do not believe general Omar al-Bashir

after plotting
after the death in Darfur
after selling the future of the whole Sudan
how can I believe the general?
he knows his end is coming
that is why....
he is playing his last game
i am with the poor
i am with the women who lost their dear ones
my heart is in Darfur with the refugees
how can I forget?
i can not believe al-Bashir
after the rape
after the great escape
you can not convenience me
this man can be a good one
he is the one who shattered us in all land
al-Bashir is not to trust
he is a tricky one
pay attention....
your beast is still breathing....
I am sorry
my heart is full of pain
I feel your weeping
I can not rub your tears
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