Thursday, January 01, 2009

General Omar al-Bashir, it is 2009 ....

General it is your time...
time of brutality
time of shame
of your dirty games
get ready
the doors of hell are waiting
there will be a palace for you
in the name of Sudan
and the sadness of Darfur
you are not going to run away
you must pay
we do not want this to happen again
aren´t we human?
how can we let you go?
I have a friend...
who told me a story
he said
listen ras babi
they have shot my brother
they have tortured my father
what do you want me to do?
I said
Brother Abdalla...
this is too sad
too sad
their time has come
the general and his men
soon will run
be strong brother
tell your sisters
and your brothers
the time has come
we are watching them
we are in.
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