Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A call from Barcelona....Al Bashir is a killer

ladies and gents
my voice shout out loud
general al Bashir is a killer....

he organized the war
commands and leads a brutal league
they rap women
kill men
and torture children
how can anyone support them?
the ones we have seen shouting and dancing
they have been brought by his majesty guards
they give them some food and free transport
from all round the place
people in Africa love to party
they are not aware who is who

we have the water
we have the land
and the natural resources
that are needed for the thieves
what we have done with them?
the general and his men
have sold most of them to China
God knows what plans
they have got for the water

when I say
general al Bashir is a criminal
I do not lie
when some of the Sudanese say
Our Sudan comes first
they do lie
when they protect al Bashir
they defend their clan
the general needs legitimacy
the thing that
we refuse to give to him
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