Friday, March 13, 2009

I need justice, for me and for my brothers

I have interviewed an African by the name X, a car passed, the driver gave me a horrible look, the other night, somewhere not very far from the same place, I saw a police man dressed in civil, searching a black man, the young boy was scared and half naked, I used my camera, in less than a minute, I was surrounded by a group of policemen, one of them, the same one of the night before who was driving a car, told me you are filming a police man, then an other hit me in the chest, one on my back pulled me towards the wall, they came too close to me, I could smell their breathing, they started to talk at the same time, at least there where six of them...
you are filming a police man
you are filming us
we will take you
I told them I am a blogger and I am doing interviews with those brothers, one of them, a short, kicked me a gain in the chest and said
you will pay for it...
I asked
what do you mean?
he raised his hand again...
I said you can not kick me again
he said
what are you going to do?
an other said
take your hat and put every thing in it
I did
one of them took my mobile from my hand
with two of his friends, they played what I filmed,and I heard them say...
yes this one of yesterday and this one of toinght
they gave me back my mobile and say
we will watch you...
I asked the one who kicked me in my chest
can I see your number
he said I gave it to you
the others came clother and say
you are a deaf
we heard him telling you his number
keep away from this area
they left
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