Sunday, March 15, 2009

La Rouche Declares War on Britain by defending alBashir..

Lyndon H.La Rouche JR
alBashir is a killer
there is no way to save him
if the ICC said it or not
this man abused his people
I do not say the ICC can come and rule our land
the fall of the wall
the beam
and the lost chance
you lost your chance 1989
that year alBashir came
he took it by force
he rules with guns and sticks
villages have been burned
women have been raped
is it done in the name of progress?
you will not accept a dictator in your land
will you accept?
no you will not
I do understand your theories
I do not understand your defence to a criminal like
the one we have
Mister La Rouche...
we know our enemy
if the ICC agreed with us
it is a victory for the innocents
now it is easy
for the justice to be done
by my people
Sudan is not Iraq
alBashir is a Sudanese criminal
wake up judges in my land
before it is late
we said it before
they say it now
wake up Sudan.
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