Thursday, March 26, 2009

The tale of the Crows of the red sea...After Israel attacked Sudan, Sudan became like a virgin who lied....

the general violated the mother
and became the father
by force
the family trusted him
and believed
he is taking care of the kids
the Drama of Sudan
is harder for one man

she thought she will
find love out of her village
she lied to me and to herself

she knew
she did not tell me

the new father was prostituting her
taking her to the sea at night
to see and meet with the beast
who came from far away...

my love for you is real
and I do not know
what to do now

you said
you knew
no man

I do not mind if you told me
or your father said it before
we could disscus
other options

you faked me in bed
first time
you hide
the men in your village lied
you listen to the general

Israel penetreted you
sweet Sudan
my love that CAN -was-
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