Friday, March 06, 2009

Wanted General Omar Ahmed Hassan al-Bashir

they said it
you are a criminal
stop confusing my people
be a man
if you are clean
face the Sudanese justice
our land and the area in which we are
are on fire
and fake africanism
are waving their hands
I pay a high price for my words
I have no friends in them intelligencies
I am an honest man
who does not accept injustice
my blood boil
my body shakes
and I hear my teeth
I do hear the voices of the innocent ones
give us our land back
let us shut them door for the wicked ones
in Babylon chess you have lost
be honest
there is no other move
your casttle is on fire
the Prim is not to trust
be a man
and fake africanists
it is a different time
different people
and different way
wake up
Africa is not for sale
give us a break
how many enemies Sudan do I have?
how many want me dead by now?
am I committing sucide?
I do have many of them
many of them watching me now
it is because of you me land
and because of my love to the justice
my pen
keep writing like that.
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