Friday, June 12, 2009

Deep Sea Settlement evictions...a message from ras babi to James Orengo

Subject: Deep Sea Settlement evictions
From: "ras babi babiker"
To: "James Orengo - Minister of Lands"
Dear Minister

In countries around the world, I have seen how the human life is respected....
in our own land, we the Africans find ourselves in a position of dehumanized by our own people
When I look at Africa...
my eyes see...
black man abusing black man...
do something man
I know you can
I would like to express my deep concern that the residents of the Deep Sea Settlement in Nairobi live in constant fear of forcible eviction from their houses and land.

I call on you to prevent all further evictions with immediate effect and to ensure that the law is enforced against government officials or third parties who illegally attempt to evict people from the Deep Sea settlement, or to intimidate them, physically hurt them or damage their property in any way in an effort to make them leave.

I further urge you to uphold Kenya’s obligations under international law and ensure that the residents of Deep Sea have access to adequate housing, health care and education as well as a proper sewage system, access to electricity and sufficient clean drinking water.

Local NGOs are calling for a government programme of ‘comprehensive upgrading’ to provide affordable and decent housing by improving the existing site of the Deep Sea Settlement.

Finally, as a matter of urgency, I call upon your government to adopt legal guidelines on evictions in line with Kenya’s international obligations, and to institute a moratorium on forced evictions throughout the country until the guidelines are in place.

I look forward to hearing from you on this important issue.


ras babi abdalla babiker
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