Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Death of Nubia; a draft of a play

a voice:
she is humanity
she gave us freedom
what we need
how much I love her
she is my land
my mother....

she is my right hand

Nubia is humanity
humanity is her
from her breast
I have drunken and got drunk
much love
she is my heart

She lived in our past, not the far one, Humanity was free and innocent, as we used to be....
A corrupted, and wicked man, offered his hand to the bad one, and together they came out with a devil plan, with the help of some lost souls; Turabuna managed to have under his power most of the great halls in the ancient kingdom,and he made it to the highest building and gave his speech...

where is he...?
where is he now?
I want someone of you to tell me;
where is your leader?
one of his men interrupted;

he ran away from your sharp sword...
give us your orders majesty...
we go to the palace
and bring her
in front of your hands
Turabuna continued;

They are 5 hundred years
this is my land
the palace belong to me
everyone of you must listen
I am not alone
an important god is with me
I promise you a heaven
what does she promise you?
equal right and justice
What does that mean?
that is utopia
what a crazy plan!!!
his majesty...
the highest one
has a plan to protect
you from yourselves
she must die
whatever her name is
that slim
must vanished away

his men applaud and shout out loud;
His men:
we obay and listen, your orders have done.

The men of the place, raised no one head; the women were behind their men, they had no option.
The men of Turabuna pushed some of the men in front of them, and told them;
His men:
let us go.

they go and the others follow them.
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