Sunday, August 08, 2010

Peace-treaty is to blame for the separation of Sudan

The men took the guns
the women are paying high price
they have lost their peace
the houses became empty
children have gone
they will never come back
come back...
peace treaty in my land
the biggest country in Africa
no justice have been done
the rich are getting richer
and the poor...
may Allah help them
my people
my people
shame on you...
I am not like you
do you remember, how this man came to power?
can you remember, the number,of the victims?
who has his hand in the fire...
does feel the pain
I am a son of a real man
and from your land
my land...
how can you accept him?
legitimize him?
you see in him salvation
I see in him our separation
two rivers
three rivers
for rivers
and six rivers
the story will go
like that.
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