Thursday, August 05, 2010

Sudan my beloved land between separation and being one,,,

dividing same one into two
men and women have said
if we can not leave in peace
we better separate
separate the river in two
separation is the best
total separation
yes we want to
King Pie did you hear that?
in your land king of equal rights and justice
the so-called generals of the twenty century
like Numeri
like al-Bashir
have brought the beast in my land
The North can not understand The South
and the South....
is too sad king Pie
my mind
my heart
my stomach
King Pie....
wake up
wake up
wake me up
it is not a dream...
the body is your body
slim and tall
handsome Sudan
do not freeze
fight the beast
it is real...
the body is your body
your tears are mine
your blood is mine
your wound is my wound
To who I complain?
same story
same pain
again Sudan...
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