Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Barcelona and the big lie....

Barcelona is the city of projects, it is the city of the sun and the dreams...
lying here is normal, it is everywhere; without it people will not go to their beds.
art is everywhere, in the streets, in the halls, and in the plazas, but when it comes to big stages and money, then we see different faces, it is a family affair and business of contacts.
The so called streets artists; they are not streets artists, they are members of the clan, they only appear in the expensive fliers; while the street artists, move around the streets, trying to find free food, and then a place to play their real music to their friends and family, before the guards come and steal their modest instruments.
listen do not lie
lying is dangerous
very dangerous
this a pen not a revolver
it is a world not a bullet
from me no violent
to you
to everyone....
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