Monday, September 06, 2010

Raz Sindrome, mental illness of Babylon- a play

scene (1)
History not his-story; as usual, giving the first speech,bla, bla, and blah...

Raz is a new terminology, add it to your books you need it...
scientists, Anthropologists, and doctors;sit down please and listen to me, I know you do not pay attention and listen to you know what is the meaning of Zar?
let me help you...
it can be one of three things; Zar can be opposite of Ras, can be the Russian Zar, or the African Zaar.....
The crowd of the crowded people, who seem to be dressed and playing like children, did not pay attention to the strange man, who stood in front of them...

a voice:
was it a conference?
is it a class-room?
or will it be a mental hospital
are you there?

(when Lucifer appear the children disappeared, he likes to take their place, and they like to play with him...)

good morning
salaam allaykum
cao and mao
namastae and tsunami
go away from me
the new comers...

a voice:
what about them?
Lucifer(so exited): they are the new cash....
(we hear strong drumming, I and I is coming, Lucifer keeps quite and sticks to his seat)
I and I:
(talking to all)bring your drums and may the sisters and brothers start the ceremony...

scene (2)
she enters the place, she wakes around the place and around us,she speaks;
my people; listen to me carefully, I love you all, I want my new healer to be one of you...
(the drums interrupted her, unaware of herself Babylon starts to dance to Raz , which is different to Zaar, I and I know, when he stops his playing the play will finish)
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