Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Twelve Commands for unity in Sudan

1/ Do not say; Sudan is is a Muslim or a Christian country; Sudan is in the heart of Africa.
2/ Do not say; general Omar al-Basir is your president; Omar Ahmed Hassan al-Bashir is illegitimate.
3/ Do not say; I have nothing to do with it; Omar Ahmed Hassan al-Bashir must face the Sudanese justice for his crimes.
4/ Do not say our mother-language is Arabic; Arabic is one of them.
5/ Do not say; we want peace; we want equal rights and justice.
6/ Do not say; our brothers and neighbors; they are our African brothers.
7/ Do not say; we should look at the north; look at the south.
8/ Do not say; Sudan; Sudan is not the name we gave to ourselves, it is given to us.
9/ Do not say; our natural resources; they are treasures for the future generation.
10/ Do not say; Iam not black; you are, and you must be proud of it.
11/ Do not say; sheikh Hassan al-Turabi has nothing to do with it; he is the head behind everything.
12 Do not say; the Sudanese security men; say the men of the CIA in The Sudan.
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