Thursday, November 11, 2010

The story of the death of Aliou in Lleida/catalonia/Spain

Seven days had passed and Aliou did not return home
is he in Madrid?
Did he go to Portugal?
he is not in Madrid
and he did not go to Portugal
where did he go?
they phoned his brother
he presented and went to the local police station to ask them if they know something
they told him
en que mundo....
in what world do you live..
your brother has been dead for a week
he has 41 years old
never complain of his heart
and handsome
how-come you are telling me he is dead?
his heart asked his head
and there come
many others
in the streets
in the police stations
in the hospitals
and in the houses
do they wanna kill us all?
the head speaks with the head
the brother shouted
I am one of you
I love you
I have served you for years and still do
my mother is asking me
what has happened with my young brother?
the Mossos told me
he died of heart attack
they found his body in the street
no witness
none saw my brother
the police is the only one
and Lleida is not that big
we cry
we cry
and we cry
ordinary people
doctors and others
and judgment and women
you know something
what time did he die?
he had with him two mobiles
his wallet and his agenda
Lleida is a tiny place
when a black man die
you know what to do
his clothes
his shoes
someone must know something
people say
you kill him
you did steal his organs
I asked his brother
did you see his body?
yes I did he said
they killed him
did you hear that?
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