Thursday, June 17, 2004


Know the man by his masters. My masters are Marcus Moses Garvey, Duse Mohammed Ali, Malcolm X....

The issue is not an easy one. I need to take you through a long journey. During it we need to change the wheels of our vehicles.

I find myself in a situation where if I want to explain I have to clarify the confusion and change the terminology. To be very clear, I'm going to use the African philosophy and the Afrocentricity as guide.

From the start, who benefits if we say the war in Sudan is between Arabs and Africans? Muslims and Christians?
Believers and non-believers?
Or between black and white?

I'm going to ask a question:
Have you ever met with a Sudanese? It doesn't matter which part, north, south, east or west.
If you have, it's a simple question which colour he or she is. Definately you will say he or she is black. And if I ask you how do you know, you will say because he or she is from Africa, and besides, if you know more you will say to me that the name of Sudan comes from Bilad alSudan, which means in Arabic the land of the blacks.
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