Friday, June 18, 2004

look at afrika the cowards bullets shot dead two students and a passerby

look at afrika
babnoussa yah babnoussa
your killers are in the hands of our killers
the night is a cloudy night
the streets are full of rain
while my wounded heart is full of great pain
i have just read the sad news
they say clashes between the police and the students
protesting the arrest of six students
left three dead and dozen injured
in western bilad alsudan
they say the students were demonstrating

to the press i wrote again for the release of six of their colleagues who were arrested in a dispute with the student support fund
it is the name of a company isnt it
yes it is
it is a government institution which provides the students with financial support

two students and a passerby were killed when the police
the men of the general
general omar al bashir and his good students
their men paid by them
opened fire on demonstrators from the school of economics of the university of western kordovan in babnoussa 531 south west of khourtom the city
which since general gordon till now
playing the same role in the dramatical theatre
of whiting and falsificating our black history

what i want to say
day after day
the bullets are going to shoot us
one by one
while the whole world
is believing the stories of
the general
the great father.................................
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