Saturday, June 19, 2004

An open letter to three very powerful black people do not attack build alsudan

Last night I had a dream in my dream the story happened many years ago we lived in a village we were black people with us in the village lived a lady her name is condoleeza rice and two gentlemen their names are Kofi annan and colin Powell all of us we lived in the same land under the same sky we ate the same food and we drank from the same river and we faced the same enemy our enemy is a big elephant with a big shadow we managed to live with it for nearly fifty years the very important that I want to tell you one day while all of us from the village were dancing from far away we saw a lot of dust suddenly the big elephant with the big shadow is in the middle of our village all of us we were very scare the men and the women the children and the animals the big elephant with the big shadow in the middle of our village is waiting for our big man to choose the men who are going to fight that day our big man chose the lady and the two gentlemen he called them to come closer he talked to them he gave them the arrows with the poison in them after he gave them his bless and said to them gone my sons fight the evil the lady and the two gentlemen got our bless as well our hearts and souls are in their hands they walked very bravely towards the enemy when they became in front of the big elephant with big shadow they began to fight the big shadow instead of the big elephant
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