Wednesday, December 05, 2007

General Omar al-Bashir and the UK teacher

go man

from 1821
to 1956
we call them the occupiers
what can I call you?

General Aboud has gone
al-Numeri has gone
do not you understand?

you are not God
our lives in your hand
from the money of petrol
you created your kingdom

people want their freedom
their humanity back
their land
good food
clean water

and you are not a hero
any Darfurian woman will tell you that
you stopped our progressed
you damaged our social nets
you expelled millions of us

and you are insulting Islam
by using a UK teacher
to fulfil your devil plan

the world is asking for peace in your land
the rapped women want to give names
to the children...
..who they carried from your men
what names do you suggest?
or forget about it

just go
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