Monday, March 24, 2008

Give me a reason....

what is wrong with that?
rivers shake
mountains shake

Yes I am shaking I am crying
I am weeping and clapping
my face with both hands
men can cry
tears are not for women

You see me weak
you think I am weak
I have seen too much of injustice
I have seen death being selective

Are you listening?
My mud is like this
Jah made me like this
a sad story
will always makes me cry

and sad songs
every time I hear change will come
I cry
I think of brother Sam Cooke

I belong to this clan
you belong to the other one
you have your book
I have my book
this is how they made it

and they gave us deferent fate
although when we die
we all lay the same way
waiting for a grave

I have never changed
since I was young
I could not handle the wicked ones
the ones who use power over the people
the ones who throw chilli in the eyes

You thing of yourself too much
you think of your future
of your holidays
you can use whatever to justify your fun

you became blind
what is left of your soul
I wonder!!!

Just give me one
One reason I can hold on
Give me a reason
I can believe you again
To carry on

you see me shaking
while I am crying

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