Saturday, March 22, 2008

when we die a whole world is going to die

I am in hurry
you see me
I can not stop breaking them rules
when we die a whole world is going to die
God is my light
is my beautiful guide
is my secret lover
made me understand this mystical station
who is going to say to the fake Messiahs
they have no fire?
who is going to protect mother earth
from their greedy hands?
to defend the animals and the stones
there is no one else
who are sitting on top of us
and useless ones
are meant to act
doing nothing
is the name of the technology game
what a shame
this is the realty
a tragedy
when we die
there will be no reason for a new song
no meaning for coming in from the cold
no soul
the children will think life is of plastic
and playing Nintendo games is the only fun
they will live their life in boxes
and not to see Jah sun
afraid to touch a tree
or even heard of a bird
they will see no colours
black or white
they must choose
when we die
love will taste like milk power
there will be no truth
gone with wind
like a shilling
I pray before we die
we give it a hard try
it is not about the faster
it is the cooler
who must win
before we die...
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