Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lucifer in Darfur/a play by ras babi

Lucifer standing in front of a map

He says:
This is Africa, I love everything in it, I do not have to move my ass, the last 500 years I had along rest, some of my kids are doing the job instead of me, they have done it and they will carry for more time, I just love every thing in it, Africa is my biggest love kids...
(He dances around him, some people appear from nowhere, and they join in, kicking their feet and clapping their hands in harmony)
(She appears, when they see her, they fall to their knees, they say :)

People: Babylon, we love you, you care for us and protect us from the bad ones
Lucifer {holding his tail around his fingers}: your kids love you mama, be generous to them

Babylon :{ she runs towards him, she kisses him in his front} light of my life, Lucii.., how much I love you.

Lucifer: stand up kids, who is al-Bashir among you
(One of them raises his finger up and says :)

Al-Bashir: yes masters, it is him standing in front of your bright light

Babylon: this man is wired, I do not like the way he talks

Lucifer: No, my darling, the general is a suitable man for our mission in Sudan

Al-Bashir: I can change, teach me the tactics, I am a fast learner.

Lucifer: shut the fuck up general, this is not your Sudan.

Babylon: oh holy shit, the nigger scared me.

Lucifer: general, do you speak Chinese?

Babylon: thank you my darling, those guys are idiots, they do not understand

Al-Bashir: No, sir. I do not speak their language

Babylon: then, what you are waiting for, take private lesson fast learner, and we will see

Lucifer: it is a good idea my queen, the general needs to speak Chinese

Babylon: then after that the general will learn Darfurian, for the sake of the rebels we will give life to their dead language
Lucifer :{ to the others} you see how much she cares, she loves you guys, buy more weapons and do the job correctly,

Babylon: general, I was joking, I really admire your skills, you are a brave man.., we need more generals like you in this crazy planet

Lucifer: you are blessed kids, leave for now I need some privacy with my sweet heart
More of that
To my sweet heart
Let the fire and tears bring to me
Some of my pride
Because of them
Because of them

Babylon: he is getting sad {she hugs him, says to him something in his ear}

Lucifer: go

They leave
It is dark; Babylon and Lucifer are having fun with their tongues.

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