Thursday, March 20, 2008

a play by ras babi/ Obama and Babylon

history..., not her-story or his-story, is the best, an ancient one sitting on top of the moon light shadow mountain, dressed in; black, red, green, and golden colours, when you look at the face you see a mirror; your reflection is there instead of it, words come out of the mouth, with melodies in between them:
...time will tell..., who wants to know, and the ones who cover their ears with cotton...
ladies and gens; something is wrong with your speeches..., four years is a short period of time, check out your tongue, before they discover you are wrong....
(she represents our collective ego..., hundred percent she is on stage right now, responding to Ancient words....)
oh wicked one.., leave Jah children in peace..., you just stay there on corner and write what ever comes into your mind..., manipulator, one day I will discover all about it..., you will see..., how I will burns your shit..., he never answers me back..., ignorant..., oh holy father..., I forgot my important call...
(she moves around the place..,sniffing the air, from her back pocket;she takes her mirror, she talks again:)


Obama...,..stop, I do not believe any of your words, silly child; the people..., the people.., you have got it wrong, I am the only one, if you do not get my blesses, you are no one at all..., ...I have a good Idea, you know how to talk to them, why do not you go and live with them, I mean..., be actually there among them, your lovely ones..., oh dear..., stop it now and give it a try next time, you are still young..., I know he is hearing me half-half, we will see, maybe, I join in the game later, I have no idea what is going on my mind right now..., he looks fun...

we hear someone says:


it is time for change..., give change a chance.

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