Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A prayer for the brave monks of Tibet/China and the weapons trade to al-Bashir

I heard in the news
other countries reduced
sales to Khartoum
and you darling has filled the gap
as if killing us is one of your willing
you have no pride
water had ran out of your fearful face
from 2004 to 2006AFP
you sold him US$55 million in small arms
your hands are already dirty
with the blood of the Tibetan monks
soldiers versus holy men
what a sham
you have gone too far
too far daughter of Mao
you forgot
one day
the tyrants will be gone
a pray for the people who resist you now
may God be with them
people are dying like flies
oh God!!!
Almighty one...
hear them
hear them
the voice of the Lama leading them
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