Sunday, May 11, 2008

The battle of Omdurman/Khalil Ibrahim leader of Darfur's Justice and Equality Movement

please read the song; Ambush in the night by Bob Marly, you find it at the end...
al-Bashir said Sunday morning:
He reserved the right to retaliate.....
the situation is now under control, the rebel forces have been totally destroyed,"
These forces come from Chad who trained them ...
we hold the Chadian regime fully responsible for what happened,"
"We have no choice but to sever relations."
It is a Chadian attack...
"These forces are Chadian forces originally, they moved from there led by Khalil Ibrahim, (leader of Darfur's Justice and Equality), who is an agent of the Chadian regime."
State television broadcast the picture of Khalil Ibrahim, asking citizens to call a special hot line if they saw him because he was hiding somewhere in Omdurman.

Chad has accused al-Bashir....
of arming rebels who launched a failed assault three months ago on N'Djamena.
The rebels reached the gate of the presidential palace....
after Chad's army repelled them in fighting that left hundreds dead, they fled towards Sudan....

(Ooh-wee, ooh-wee, ooh-wa!) See them fighting for power#
(ooh-wee, ooh-wee, ooh-wa!), But they know not the hour
(ooh-wee, ooh-wee, ooh-wa!); So they bribing with their guns, spare-parts and money,
Trying to belittle our Integrity now.
They say what we know Is just what they teach us;
And we're so ignorant 'Cause every time they can reach us
(shoobe, doo-wa) Through political strategy (shoo-be, doo-wa); They keep us hungry
(shoobe, doo-wa), And when you gonna get some food
(shoobe, doo-wa), Your brother got to be your enemy, we-e-ell!
Ambush in the night, All guns aiming at me;
Ambush in the night, They opened fire on me now.
Ambush in the night, Protected by His Majesty.
Ooh-wee, ooh-wee.
Ooh-wa-ooh! (Ooh-wee) Ooh-wee, ooh-wee (ooh-wa),
Ooh-wa! Ooh-wee, ooh-wee, ooh wa-ooh!
Ooh-wee, ooh-wee, ooh wa-ah!
Well, what we know Is not what they tell us;
We're not ignorant, I mean it,
And they just cannot touch us;
Through the powers of the Most-I (shoobe, doo-wa),
We keep on surfacin' (shoobe, doo-wa);
Thru the powers of the Most-I (shoobe, doo-wa),
We keep on survivin'.
Yeah, this ambush in the night Planned by society;
Ambush in the night; They tryin' to conquer me;
Ambush in the night Anyt'ing money can bring;
Ambush in the night Planned by society;
Ambush in the night.....
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