Friday, May 09, 2008

Babylon by ras babi.....I give you a new definition

from the head...
from the head of my door
Babylon mother of all destruction
I give you a new definition
it is not a bout
what is Babylon?
it is
who is Babylon?
you are not anymore a place
you are
who you are
ant I and I and I
know you
Babylon by ras babi.....
I give you a new definition
you can keep
your authentic name

i chant on you
i chant on you
i am your slave
i need your bread
a consumer in a queue
your market is full of your good
people used to give you a color
for ras babi
you have no color
you are white
you are yellow
you are black
you are red
you dress in green
too strong
very powerful
your magic
without us
you are nothing
you represent
our collective ego
to identify you
you protect us
you feed us
you dress us
we need you
you need us
I chant on you
with paints
with pens and pencils
and glue
let go
let go
your addicts have got chronicle flu
where is humanity?
to where did she go?
we do need you
come back to us
where is the moon light shadow?
where is she?
where is the goddess?
she did not leave us
is she did?
I chant on you
sweet Babylon
your temptations are strong
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