Friday, May 02, 2008

general al-Bashir's Sudan
Lost in Sudan
Sudan has changed
Sudan is not anymore Sudan
Sudan is in the heart of Africa
Sudan is not in the golf
Khartoum is not like Dubai
Omdurman is not a China town
They are beside the African river

Where is my jungle?
Where is the lake?
Where are we?
How could we let them?
Leave them
Watching them
Damaging Piye’s land
Where is Fatima?
Where is Taharqa?
Where is Miriam?
Where is al-Mahjoub?
Where is Aza?
Where is Garang?
Where is Mai?
Where is Adamou?
Where is Amal?
Where is Isaga?
Where is Ahmed?
Where are you?
My people
My people
We are in Africa
We should
The mother of the first human civilization
Oh my people
Return to your roots
God will smile at you again
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