Friday, May 02, 2008

sanctions aganist Sudan and Investors Against Genocide

Investors Against Genocide
ilovemylife said...
I appreciate reading your poem about sanctions. There is a movement to get companies that help al-Bashir fund the genocide by putting money in his administration to be more conscious of what is happening. It is called Investors Against Genocide. I sent you an email with one of their emails included. Do you think this is helpful to get companies to invest more wisely regarding humanity and the right to living without genocide?
Ras babi said:
General al-Bashir is the main and direct responsible for the genocide in Darfur and others atrocities in Sudan, I do believe; general al-Bashir is an legitimate president, he came to power using the power of the Sudanese army, who will stand and protect their interests at any time, we should learn more about their relation with China….
I will say it again; much respect
You are doing great job
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