Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Marcus Garvey and the return to Africa

Africa is my home
is my love
is my dream
can I go back?
can the slaves go back?
can the expelled go back?
can the refugees go back?
can you go back?
can our children go back?
no we can not
we can not go back to Africa if we want?
we will die here
finish in the exile
oh black star
we have been waiting
the slaves masters too
the securities too
the prisons too
and death too
waiting for us to come
there will be no celebrations
they will torture us
then kill us
they will run behind us
as we are crazy dogs
our people
oh Marcus Garvey
i need you here
to see
to hear
our leaders
where is Africa?
we want it back
oh Marcus Garvey
where are we from Africa?
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