Thursday, May 08, 2008

a cry for Burma

give me more tears
more tears
from your water
more tears give me
for my sisters
for my brothers
the Burmese
oh lord
oh lord
keep your water
my almighty God

where is the rainbow?
in the sky
where is the rainbow?
oh God
oh God
it is Burma
a cry for Burma
help them people
your people

a cry for Burma with no tears
I do not have them
a cry out of pain

in my head
in my chest
in my heart
in my stomach
in my both kidneys
in my liver
in my leg
I feel their suffering

give me my tears
oh lord
oh lord
forgive me
I cry for Burma with no tears

my tears have dried
for a reason I can not hide
it is not natural
oh God
oh God
do something
I love you
almighty one

they lost their li
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