Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I ras babi; the weaken one judge General Omar Ahmed Hassan al-Bashir and his men

my land is ancient
King Pie is our father
history will take you to Nubia
we have been conquered and raped
our identity has been falsified
our future manipulated
we declared
Sudan is our land
we are a free land and free people
end of fifties...
general Aboud
after a plot
graped with his fist our future
end of sixties...
general al-Numerie
brought the Cia in
and declared his Islamic laws
power to the people
they are fighting the beast
twelve days passed
and we have got it back
the freedom
the Sudanese army has failed us
more than once
they say
they know the rules of the game
that is why
they befriended al-Turabi
as if
it is written
our intellectuals
our religious leaders
and their followers
misunderstand our ancient ones
a colourless day in Kush
even thought
we begged
we shouted
we the Sudanese do love our freedom
general al-Bashir came to power
the war in the Southern Sudan
killed millions
and damaged the air and the land
he took our freedom
sold the land
then Darfur
more millions
have gone in front our eyes
the world kept
shaking hands with the general
general al-Bashir is the enemy of his own people and land
up to
general al-bashir is trying to convince us and the whole world
he is the man of his people
and you are helping him
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