Monday, July 14, 2008

when a man loves a land like Sudan

The blood of my father runs in your streets
his words inhabited the top of your mountains
he collapsed embracing your sands
millions saluts to you Sudan
how could not I love you?
I do love you
I will always love you

when a man loves a land like Sudan
is alive and dead
is not an ordinary man
they teach us to be cowards
to see the bad and play the innocents not the bad ones
it has been long and long
the journey
I love you
you torture me

with my tears covering my face
I left you
you lived in me
talked to me
fed me with your hands
i could not study
I could not wholey fall in love with a woman
you were those women

I came back to you
full of stories of lands of wonders
you were the same
nothing changed
your body was the same
same kisses and hugs
you gave me
just like the first time

I need you
I miss you
No place like you
you are my mother
the grave of my dear father
when a man loves you Sudan
is lost
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