Monday, July 14, 2008

In the exile

my problem is...
I hate the injustice
hate the hypocrisy
you see
you do not see
you speak
you can not speak
the freedom of speech is dead
I left Sudan
where am I?
in the land of the human rights
and the law
someone does not like my words
and complicating my life
someone who knows
I have no passport
is asking me
to photocopy my passport
G master
listen to me
for seven months
you have been testing me
trying to push me to craziness
I gave up
the drama workshop
the music workshop
and writing plays
you did not stop confusing me
as if
ras babi is a movement
wherever I go
to wherever you push me
i will carry them with me
my words
will kill me
you are trying
in the exile.
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