Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My post Number 666

What is the devil´s solution?
What is the Coltan?
666 is his number
the human beast
Bob Marley said
they push us to the devil solution
them playing political strategy
the brother is killing his brother
raping his sister
they play with fire
mix drugs for the children to pollute them heads
the tragedy of Babylon is deep
too deep
her father is her lover
she is sick in the head
needs blood each and every day
to sell weapons
bad medicines
discussions and discussions
as if
some ones must listen
must obey
must pay
and must say
we are less human
666 is his number
the human beast
that you create
yourself Babylon
are you listening?
I am African
I am African
my roots are planted by the river
the blood of my father ran in Kush land
that land they call now Sudan....
well we are not less human
we do art
we do care
we do share
and you are more human!!!
Oh my God!!!
look at you
you are rich
very rich
in this world
where people die of hunger
you do not listen
you don´t see
the land is not your land
and the skin is not your skin
please give me a shilling
my eyes will see
the angel
instead of the beast
let me repeat
too much negative energy
too much destruction
where are we going?
my eyes see no difference
we are one
same tribe
the human one
the human
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