Saturday, July 09, 2011

Coca cola and the Sudanese gum arabic

your dark blood is from my blood
i do undertand that
and you try to understand
you are colourless without our Damm
just water without the gum
denying genocide in Darfur
Hundreds of thousands of my people
dependent on the gum

the trade in gum arabic
hides secrets
the most powerful one
the general
and the Congresswoman
who speaks of the gum
trade in Sudanese gum arabic
lobbyists of the company
joining forces with others
to finance NGO
digging wells
blood and water
without our gum
Coke is just water
digg it before you drink it
we do want to free our land from general omar ahmed hassan albashir
you and many companies do want gum
for so many things
leave the general
we leave your thing
we do sing.
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